Trouble Setting Up SigNoz on MacBook M2 with Rancher Desktop

TLDR Wong faced issues installing SigNoz on their Macbook M2 using Rancher Desktop and Docker, with the 'clickhouse' container constantly restarting. Srikanth asked for further details about why the container keeps restarting.

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Oct 27, 2023 (1 month ago)
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01:45 AM
I am trying to setup SigNoz on my Macbook M2. I am running Rancher Desktop instead of official Docker. I tried the installation script and it said that Docker is not found. I then used docker-compose to install - the clickhouse container kept restarted. Is Rancher Desktop not supported in Mac for some reason? I may try using k3d but I want to use less resources ... also my local k3d cluster already has some another Open Telemetry collector running ... prefer not to clean everything for the POC.
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11:31 AM
If you share why the clickhouse container is getting restarted we could probably help.