Setting Up SigNoz for a Multi-Language Container Application

TLDR dipak needs help setting up SigNoz for monitoring an application with containers in various languages. Nocnica suggested using OpenTelemetry Auto-instrumentation within the Kubernetes cluster, but dipak clarified his application isn't on Kubernetes.

Photo of dipak
Tue, 22 Aug 2023 06:18:58 UTC

can you help me to setup monitoring of my container based application in signoz, actually my application containing 20-25 containers are written in different different language how can i instrument and how can i collect my applications data like metrics, logs, traces and more in signoz dashboard

Photo of Nocnica
Wed, 23 Aug 2023 02:16:15 UTC

hi Dipak, in very general terms you very likely want to , then use to monitor your applications and send data to your SigNoz instance.

Photo of dipak
Thu, 24 Aug 2023 12:51:41 UTC

i am not using k8s my application is container based and different different languages used like python, nestjs node services frountend angular and databases container like mongo mariadb kafka elasticsearch near about 20-30 containers are used in my application stack how can i instrument it and use signoz for monitoring