Resolving PVC Storage Fill Up Despite Using S3

TLDR Itay inquired about persistent volume claim (PVC) storage filling up despite using S3. Prashant explained that S3 is currently only supported for cold storage, and data is only moved to S3 after 7 days.

Photo of Itay
Fri, 21 Jul 2023 14:51:44 UTC

how to cleanup the pvcs? as we use s3, why is the pvc storage filled up, any way to redo/reclaim/clear?

Photo of Prashant
Mon, 24 Jul 2023 05:17:33 UTC

There is no support for Only S3 right now. Currently, S3 is only supported for cold storage. *Scenerio:* Let's say we are keeping data in disk/PVC for 7 days and retaining for total of 14 days. If you query for 3 days, data will be queried from disk. If you query for last 10 days, data from both disk and S3 would be aggregated.