Deploying Signoz on-premise with custom URL

TLDR lior is facing issues deploying Signoz on-premise and wants to change the URL. Srikanth suggests modifying the template and submitting a PR.

Photo of lior
Tue, 20 Jun 2023 11:42:23 UTC

Hi people! I'm new to Signoz, trying to deploy Signoz on-premise air-gapped Openshift 4.10. being having some problems, do we have any option to change it to get it from another URL on my network? ```+ wget -O /tmp/histogramQuantile wget: bad address ''```

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Tue, 20 Jun 2023 11:57:08 UTC

not currently, the rest of the signoz should still work except the histogram operators. Here is the code . You can send a PR templatizing it

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Sun, 25 Jun 2023 08:56:16 UTC

in the mean time I just change the template...