Configuring Istio Metrics and Tracing for SigNoz

TLDR Pedro asked about configuring Istio metrics and tracing for SigNoz. Srikanth suggested using OpenTelemetry Collector with Jaeger receiver for traces and Prometheus scraper for metrics, and then sending data to SigNoz via OTLP exporter.

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Jun 26, 2023 (5 months ago)
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04:36 PM
how to configure istio metrics and trancing for SigNoz, today I use prometheus, kiali and jaeger
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08:28 PM
You can run the OpenTelemetry Collector instance, that 1. Accepts the traces data on jaeger endpoint 2. Scrapes the prometheus data and send to SigNoz.

You need to configure jaeger “receiver” for traces and prometheus scraper for metrics and you will use otlpexporter” to send data to SigNoz.