Alert Issues After Upgrading SigNoz

TLDR James experienced issues with alert rules after upgrading SigNoz. Srikanth suggested using sqlite tool to remove the alerts.

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Jun 21, 2023 (5 months ago)
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07:32 AM
Hello signoz team,

Recently upgraded from v0.15 -> v0.20.2. Running via docker-compose. After trying to remove alerts that were behaving weirdly post update via the alert dashboard, signoz crashed and on reboot alertmanager service fails to pass startup with docker-compose up. On the rare chance it does pass, the frontend is mostly broken and displays not found on all pages after trying to mess around with alerts again. I believe this is a problem with how some alerts were updated via v0.19 upgrade script. (Running this script again gives a seg fault now). I am trying to find a way to make the service usable again, I am ok with manually deleting the current alerts if thats the problem but am unsure where they are stored and how to do so. Thanks in advance :).

Current version info:

SigNoz version   : v0.20.2
Commit SHA-1     : 84c4668
Commit timestamp : 2023-06-09T08:52:13Z
Branch           : HEAD
Go version       : go1.18.10

Launch logs from alertmanager service:

2023-06-21T05:34:22.453Z        INFO    rules/thresholdRule.go:754      rule:Runner Error   alerts found: 0
2023-06-21T05:34:22.453Z        INFO    rules/thresholdRule.go:309      msg:sending alerts       rule:Runner Error
2023-06-21T05:34:23.629Z        DEBUG   rules/ruleTask.go:297   msg:%!(EXTRA string=rule task eval started, string=      name:, string=18-groupname, string=     start time:, time.Time=2023-06-21 05:34:23.629831765 +0000 UTC)
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x0 pc=0xfa9cc1]

goroutine 429 [running]:
, 0x5?, 0x0)
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/app/queryBuilder/query_builder.go:82 +0x41
, 0xc000fbe630, {0x0, 0x0, 0x0?})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/app/queryBuilder/query_builder.go:178 +0x5d3
, {0x1916378?, 0xc000fbe2d0?, 0x0?})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/thresholdRule.go:554 +0x45
, {0x1916378, 0xc000fbe5d0}, {0xc0008e75f0?, 0x4588e9?, 0x0?}, {0x191f050, 0xc000ffe2c0})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/thresholdRule.go:615 +0x11f
, {0x1916378, 0xc000fbe5d0}, {0x1318460?, 0xc00079ec90?, 0x0?}, 0x0?)
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/thresholdRule.go:669 +0x97
?, 0xc000fbe5a0?}, {0x0?, 0xc00069e3d0?, 0x0?}, 0xc0000418c0, 0x4?, {0x1923620, 0xc0004402d0})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/ruleTask.go:321 +0x22f
, {0x1916378, 0xc000fbe5a0}, {0xc000794da0?, 0x46a6b9?, 0x0?})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/ruleTask.go:338 +0x24a

        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/ruleTask.go:114 +0x87
(0xc0000418c0, {0x1916308, 0xc000048018})
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/ruleTask.go:127 +0x4a9

        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/manager.go:482 +0x5a
created by 
        /go/src/github.com/signoz/signoz/pkg/query-service/rules/manager.go:477 +0x425
2023-06-21T05:34:24.438Z        INFO    version/version.go:43
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08:41 AM
Since you are running in docker, they will be in sqlite file localted in deploy/docker/clickhouse-setup/data/signoz/signoz.db . You can use sqlite tool to remove the alrets.
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10:52 AM
ty, worked like a charm!

On a side note, there may be an unhandled edge case with v0.19 upgrade scripts for some alert rules, not sure if anyone else ran into this issue
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10:55 AM
You are the first one to run into this issue. Many users had successfully migrated.