Configuring Prometheus Receiver in SigNoz Deployment

TLDR Mahesh sought guidance on adding Prometheus jobs in SigNoz deployment. Yash rV advised editing the otel-collector-metrics-config.yaml file, referencing a specific documentation.

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Jul 26, 2023 (2 months ago)
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04:02 PM
Hi Team, I've enabled Prometheus receiver in my docker standalone SigNoz deployment. Please advise on where can I add Prometheus jobs so that I can get monitoring data visualization on SigNoz Portal.
Yash rV
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Yash rV
06:14 PM
After enabling the Prometheus receiver, you have the flexibility to either add new Prometheus jobs or include new endpoints within an existing job in the otel-collector-metrics-config.yaml file. Refer to this doc for where to make changes in the configuration.